[LINK] Senate Standing Committee: NetAlert/Mandatory filtering updates

Richard Archer rha at juggernaut.com.au
Tue Feb 19 17:11:23 EST 2008

At 3:03 PM +1100 19/2/08, Rick Welykochy wrote:

>Which raises the question of why the blocklist should be kept

My understanding is that the current system as implemented was
only ever intended to allow the government to state that they
had met their promise. Which as I recall was mostly part of
the deal with harradine.

It was never intended to actually perform the task promised,
only to allow the government to say they had done something.

As such, if the list was made available it would become clear
just what a pitiful effort had been made and perhaps some
more action would need to be taken.

This outcome was I believe negotiated with industry as a
suitable path to take. It was deemed to be technically
impossible to perform meaningful filtering in the "core"
(and of course it still is, with open proxies a dime a

At present the kiddieporn networks are relatively easily
monitored, tracked and infiltrated. This is an ideal situation
because it allows the perpetrators to be detected, identified
and detained.

As a parent, I want all Australian kiddiefiddlers to have
completely free access to the kiddieporn networks. I want
these networks to be monitored and I want for all the fiddlers
to be rounded up, chemically sterilised and put into an
intensive counselling program (with or without water boarding)
until they can convince a board of parents that it is safe
to release them back into the community.

As I said the other day... vote for me and I'll sort things
out in one magnificent term of "structural reform" the likes
of which has never before been seen in this country.


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