[LINK] SMH Blurb tries to help ailing biometrics industry - 2

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Wed Feb 20 12:00:54 EST 2008

At 11:47 +1100 20/2/08, Pilcher, Fred wrote:
>Roger, I hope that you'll make this available to, and/or that it will be
>picked up by the media.
>Where disinformation is rife, debunkers are golden.

I gave the reporter the first opportunity.

She spurned it.  ("Thankyou for this. Always good to get reader reaction").

I've always made the assumption that my posts to the link and privacy 
lists are open to journalists to feed off.  Naive maybe, and not 
strong promotion.  But the good journos do drop an email to me or 
pick up the phone, in order to regularise their use of it, and to get 
another angle on the topic.

Any thoughts about how I can more effectively feed it into the chain?

I've considered putting the comments up as an annotation to the 
article.  (I could even put the word 'blog' on the page, and then it 
would be in the contemporary vogue).

That would arguably breach copyright - assuming that I include the 
bits I didn't comment, so as to avoid the accusation of quoting out 
of context - but Fairfax may not be disposed to pursue that aspect.

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