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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Feb 21 09:50:13 EST 2008

At 8:40 +1100 21/2/08, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>See if you can guess who this is before clicking:
>Surprised like I was? How come this organisation has an edu domain????

"For policy and registration information, please contact Education.au Ltd."

The policy is at:

Policy 2:  .edu.au Eligibility Policy

Policy 7: .edu.au Complaints (Registrant Eligibility) Policy

2. This Policy does not deal with complaints about:
     1.   the underlying validity of the registrants' eligibility details;
Complaints under [the above] should be taken up with the relevant 
government authority as listed in Policy 2: .edu.au Eligibility Policy

That's a masterpiece of obfuscation.  (If you want confusion, ask a 
lawyer or a public servant, and if you *really* want to make things 
difficult, form a committee of public servants and hire lawyers to 
work with them).

A hospital might 'qualify' as a (Registered) Training Organisation 
(RTO).  See the bottom right-hand corner for a hint of education.

Demonstrating the incompetence characteristic of webmasters 
throughout the public sector, the relevant hotlink is broken.  The 
National Training Information Service (NTIS) database is no longer 
at: http://www.ntis.gov.au/cgi-bin/waxhtml/%7Entis2/org.wxh?page=7

Try http://www.ntis.gov.au/?rto/all

A search for 'hospital' turned up two, but neither was Westmead.

Over to you, Jan!

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