[LINK] CMS Watch summary: Debunking the Google generation myth

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 From the CMSWatch list I was pointed to a summary 
) - of an interesting CIBER briefing study. The study itself is in 
PDf format and located at
and entitled "information behaviour of the researcher of the future" 
Jan 2008
'The study was commissioned by the British Library and JISC to 
identify how the specialist researchers of the future, currently in 
their school or pre-school years, are likely to access and interact 
with digital resources in five to ten years' time.' ...

CMSWatch summarises as follows:
Rather than simply debunk myths, the study emphasizes some key things 
that all of us should consider:
     * Only a minority of people are actually interested in 
information technology
     * A substantial proportion of people actively dislikes technology 
and avoids using it where possible
     * There is no evidence that "search" skills have improved over time
     * Most people have quite low levels of "information literacy".


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