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On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Tom Worthington wrote:

> Cost one computer per student for each school, with support. My estimate for 
> a minimal setup is $500 for a Zonbu type thin client (or ASUS type Laptop),

What about Sunray?

These are very thin and don't cost much at all.  Still need a server
but they can be locked down as much or as little as required.

laptops or traditional computers have lots of moving parts that 
require tech support.   Sunray is "disposable", if it breaks 
drop it and install a new one.  All it needs is a smart card.

All software is run centrally on the server and the student can 
use their smart card to run the same session on any sunray, anywhere.

It can run windows/solaris/linux etc and the user can dump their 
work to USB stick.

A special client can be deployed for "at home use" using a VPN 
or web based client so that the student can get their session running 
at home.

I saw some excellent demos and there are schools in the US that have been 
running like this for years.

Best of all, Sunray is cheap, quiet, rugged and reliable.  TCO is very 
low - server may cost a bit, but you do not have to replace it every
2 years unlike a PC or laptop....



etc etc...


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