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Social Engineering is a well practiced Artform of Psychopaths.  My 
father fro example is brilliant at it.

Not only does he use my name, date of birth, address, wifes name, 
DOB, kids names and DOB and so on to get any info he wants from 
Centrelink or anyone else about us, but he can get other people to 
believe he is ME on the phone and wind an incredible web of deceit.

I won't deny I too use social engineering when I need something do or 
to get information, I've even been trained in the art formally.

Police are trained to use social engineering to a small degree, by 
"offering" information about a person to another person in return for 
softening the interrogatee to spill beans.  Or even to talk a person 
into believing something.

Police are the worlds greatest liars, cause when you catch them on 
tape saying things that aren't true in the course of their duty, any 
of the events that follow that are unlawful, inadmissible and criminal.

Not that any government cares.

Even within Government agencies, social engineering takes 
place.  Everyone is told you can't give out info becaue of the 
privacy Act, yet they are willing to call you and ask you to give out 
your info to a COMPLETE stranger on the end of the phone with a 
WITHHELD number you can't identify!

It's no wonder 99% of people give out names, addresses, phone number, 
DOB, financial information, even credit card numbers and security 
codes over the phone to complete strangers.

It would not be hard for example to ring random people on a whim and 
tell them you are the bank, they have had a database crash and need 
to reload your credit card number, name, expiry and security code, 
and most people would willingly give it.  I mean they give it by 
memory in most cases when they make a purchase and a call that is 
duressed and a bit rushed causes people to feel they are in dire need 
to react instantly.

Educate the population, not the minorities.

At 22:25 20/02/2008, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> From one of my crime writing lists:
>>In his book, "Art of Deception", infamous 'hacker' (to
>>use the inaccurate media loved term) Kevin Mitnick
>>described how he got into most of his databases. Not
>>through computer networks,but by simply impersonating
>>the person above the level he was talking to. Say he
>>needed the access codes to a level of something. All
>>he did was simply tell the clerk that he was say,
>>Wally from IT and needed the codes to install the
>>updates to the database. Yes, there was some intense
>>computer knowledge required, but he admitted he
>>charmed most of the info out of people in what is
>>known as social engineering.
>So, what sorts of training is happening in our financial 
>institutions and other government bureaucracies where our personal 
>information is stored to avoid this sort of scam?
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