[LINK] 1994 Network Access in Australia FAQ

Peter Batchelor peter at batchelors.net
Fri Feb 22 09:58:02 EST 2008

fond memories indeed...
I remember reading through this, or something similar, when wanting 
to arrange reasonably priced Internet access at home back in 93/94
I finished up going with insane.apana.org.au, which was run by Stuart 
Marburg and Richard Preen. It was at the time being run from Stuart's 
bedroom (I think). Insane eventually became a little commercial 
entity called Netspace. They're both still there, but I somehow don't 
think that they answer the phones any more :-)


At 02:41 AM 22/02/2008, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

>Found this FAQ text buried on an old hard drive .. it may bring back fond
>memories for we Link old-farts. If anyone wants the entire text, just ask.
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