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Conroy green-lights ISP filter and $4.7B broadband plan at first 
industry address

/By Mitchell Bingemann </Feedback/Feedback.aspx?PID=134563&Story=70633> /

Senator Stephen Conroy gave his first major address to the IT industry 
as the new Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital 
Economy at a gala dinner event Thursday night where he outlined the 
Government’s future ICT goals including its fibre-based broadband plans, 
digital education reform and ISP-level filtering.

Speaking at the Internet Industry Association Annual Gala Dinner, Conroy 
reiterated the Government’s commitment to building its $4.7 billion 
high-speed fibre-based broadband network.

“While the Government has insisted that the network will offer minimum 
speeds —and I emphasise minimum speeds—of 12 megabits per second to 98 
percent of Australian homes and businesses; we believe it could actually 
go much further,” he said.

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