[LINK] Conroy green-lights ISP filter

Michael Meloni mike at somebodythinkofthechildren.com
Fri Feb 22 14:20:56 EST 2008

Martin Barry wrote:
> How is possible for the government to keep going to on and on about the "ISP
> filter" plan without any detail and without addressing any of the criticism?
> At the least the Howard government's NetAlert filter was technically a good
> idea even if the implementation was a little bit under-cooked and
> over-advertised.
He has questions from every sector and as far as I know, none have been 
answered. He could barely answer anything new during estimates this 
week, yet he keeps reassuring us (even in yesterday's press release) 
that he as it under control.

 From the PR:
“The Government is undertaking a number of activities to inform the 
development of an implementation framework for ISP filtering, including 
extensive consultation with industry and examining overseas models,” 
Senator Conroy said.

Extensive? Come off it Mr Conroy.

The only contact that I've seen happen is between him and the IIA (of 
which they are supposedly assisting with a draft). That was after he had 
already announced the big plan.

Like Stilgherrian says on his blog: "Senator Conroy, apart from actually 
addressing everyone’s concerns, technical and social, eventually you do 
need answer the basic question: What will and will not be censored?"
( http://stilgherrian.com/politics/conroy_adds_nothing_new/ )

Maybe he will head underground for another two months again to avoid the 
media... He must have a lot of friend requests building up on his 
MySpace that need approving. Such a popular guy and all.

- Mike

P.S The more focused article I should have originally linked to is: 

Michael Meloni

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