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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Feb 25 10:36:52 EST 2008

While in Melbourne I visited the State Library of Victoria. I was 
checking if their computer desks are big enough (which is another 
story), and so typed my name into their catalog. Up came the entry 
for my book "Net traveller : exploring the networked nation": 

I noticed a space for a web link, which was blank. So I filled in an 
"ask the librarian" form and a day or so later there was a link to 
the web site for the book. I wish I got get this fast and efficient 
service from the web masters I have to deal with. ;-)

ps: The other story on the size of desks: Academic libraries are 
evolving into e-learning centers. They therefore need desks with 
computers on them where people can work alone, in groups, and under 
formal instruction. How to do that and not end up with a library 
which looks looking like a low rent call center is not easy. UQ seems 
to be a good example of what to do 
State Library of Victoria have managed to incorporate computers into 
their historic building, while retaining the ambience. Their La Trobe 
Reading Room under the dome have what look like desks for use with 
quill pens, but are actually for laptops 

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