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Avi Miller avi.miller at squiz.net
Tue Feb 26 14:21:26 EST 2008

On 26/02/2008, at 1:53 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:

> So I'd greatly appreciate advice for people who want to put up  
> representations of quite complex and very specific kinds of data- 
> structures, and who have considerable skills and tenacity (because  
> family researchers have both), but whose web-publishing expertise is  
> limited.

I find phpGedView (http://phpgedview.sourceforge.net/) to be a really  
good online family tree/genealogical solution.

It is even a 1-click install on shared DreamHost accounts now, which  
makes it really easy to install. It'll also import GEDCOM files from  
PC/Mac based family tree software (I use Reunion on the Mac, for  


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