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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Feb 27 14:56:26 EST 2008


I'd bet my lunch that most Australian parents consider that
violence on TV and film is not appropriate for children and
probably does cause some behavioral harm.

If this government is going to embark on a journey of censoring
broadcast media like the Internet, it would only seem logical
that they also do the same for all broadcast media. To single
out just one medium would be hypocritical and politically
self-serving, with reduced benefit to society. Or one would think.

Which begs the question of how we currently protect children from
inappropriate content. Would it be that up to now, adult supervision
has been adequate in providing this protection? And why cannot the
same supervision be provided for the Internet?

In a free and open society, individuals must be allowed to opt
into censorship regimes and not have to opt out. Looking at the
actual implementation of censored feeds, would it not be far
simpler and less costly to provide an opt-in service? I am basing
this on an estimate that far more Australians will want an uncensored
feed than a censored one.

Don't we want government that bases its decisions on logic and
reason, not emotion and misinformation?


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