[LINK] Internet Censorship

Scott Howard scott at doc.net.au
Wed Feb 27 19:55:45 EST 2008

On 2/26/08, Janet Hawtin <lucychili at gmail.com> wrote:
> Currently blocked content concerns from another list:
> "We have a student doing Studies of Religion via Distance Ed and it is
> amazing how many times she comes across a blocked website, even ones
> she is directed to through the Dept of Ed and Board of Studies. EG - a

If this is the NSW Dept of Education then there's another possibility for
these sites being blocked.

Some time ago the NSW DET changed the filter rules so that all
non-classified sites would be blocked.  Given that no URL filtering database
is every going to be complete, that leaves a large number of sites which are
"blocked", not because they contain inappropriate content, but simply
because they haven't yet been classified.

At least one other state does the same, although I forget which this was.


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