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On 27/2/08 3:22 PM, "Janet Hawtin" <lucychili at gmail.com> wrote:
> Currently blocked content concerns from another list:
> "We have a student doing Studies of Religion via Distance Ed and it is
> amazing how many times she comes across a blocked website, even ones
> she is directed to through the Dept of Ed and Board of Studies. EG - a
> link to World Religions Day ... blocked... a link to Islamic
> festivals... blocked... a link to the Board of Jewish Education...
> blocked ( though there was a backway through another site.)"
> Apparently they may be getting blocked as 'hate' sites.

It's probably more that they're just "non-Christian".

The majority of the push for Internet filtering, here and in the US, comes
from the socially-conservative right-wing fundamentalist end of
Christianity. What they don't like is *any* information which challenges
their worldview. So under the guise of "protecting the children" from the
evil pr0n, they can also filter out the non-Christian religions, trade
unions, sexual health information etc etc.

There's plenty of documentation on this if you look, including:


Enjoy (in a socially-acceptable G-rated way)!


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