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I admire your optimism but do not share your predictions, especially 
regarding larger enterprises. The last thing a CIO wants is radical 
change. Change equates to risk and the bigger the change, the greater 
the risk.

IMHO, the existing model of corporate IT (ie a desktop with grunt 
running local personal apps, with access to centralised corporate 
systems) will be around for quite a while. The power consumption of 
technology may be reduced, but not at the expense of the corporate 
compute model.

Very low power and green systems are not compelling enough. It is much 
less risky and complicated to reduce the power consumption of lighting, 
heating and cooling in offices, warehouses and factories.

Tom Worthington wrote:
> I will be demonstrating some little low power Linux computers at the 
> Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG), in Sydney, 29 February 2008. Free and 
> all welcome: <http://www.slug.org.au/node/90>. By the end of 2008 I 
> suggest these will be considered "normal" computers and current PCs will 
> be seen as cumbersome dinosaurs:
> ---
> "A Watershed for the Networked Organisation
> With trends for carbon neutral, thin client, wireless and open source 
> converging to signal a radical change in the use and distribution of the 
> desktop personal computer and the desktop phone, the CIO is being 
> presented with real challenges for transformation.
> Low power, diskless and low cost advances are creating alternatives and 
> opportunities for the organisation to simplify their systems. Some of 
> the results from testing those alternatives with carbon neutral thin 
> client computers, handheld Linux systems and diskless sub notebook 
> computers will be included and discussed in this presentation.
> If low power and portable networked systems are set to revolutionise the 
> organisation, the CIO needs to be ready.
> Tom Worthington will demonstrate, exciting devices such as the Zonbu 
> Thin Client Computer and the Asus Eee PC."
> My notes at: 
> <http://www.tomw.net.au/technology/it/networked_organisation/>.
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