[LINK] Seeking Australia 2020 referee

Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Thu Feb 28 10:07:15 EST 2008

Gentle Linkers,

I'm nominating myself for the Australia 2020 Summit, hoping to score a spot
in topic 9, on "The future of Australian governance: open government
(including the role of the media), the structure of government and the
rights and responsibilities of citizens).


The nomination form is a strange old beast, and needs two referees, and my
dilemma is that the people who've paid most attention to my writing in this
field haven't known me long. My "old" referees, the ones with respectable
titles, aren't across my recent work. Or am I worrying too much?

I've ranted a lot about these issues at http://stilgherrian.com ... I guess
looking at tags like "human rights" and "censorship" find inneresting stuff.

Anyway, while I've chosen one referee who's worked with me closely for ages,
I'm seeking someone else who has noticed that I can do joined-up-thinking
and vaguely understand the technology here, and who'd be willing to let me
stick their name on the form. Any takers or suggestions?

Conversely, I've noticed some clear-thinkers here, so if anyone's wanting to
nominate (and nominations close 5pm tomorrow) do let me know off-list...


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