[LINK] Telstra, and the new government .. oh-oh

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Thu Feb 28 23:53:07 EST 2008

Adam Todd wrote:
> I think the problem now will be that Telstra isn't being 
> anti-competitive any more, it's not owned by Government and therefore 
> is no more than "any other business"
> The old days of calling Telstra AntiComp are gone and ISPs will have 
> to adapt or die.
Anti-competitive behaviour has nothing to do with ownership structure - 
it is still entirely possible to be anti-competitive when you are a 
public or privately owned entity.

> If only the ISPs had focused back then on cooperation and 
> infrastructure, theyd dominate the market with a common brand today.  
> Oh well.
Apart from the obvious irony that this may well have been smacked down 
as collusion, which is itself a form of anti-competitive conduct (ask 
Richard Pratt), who's to say that the common front that 'dominates the 
market with a common brand' wouldn't itself be acting exactly the same 
way, once it had the same market power?

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