[LINK] DBCDE tender - Whatthe?

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Feb 29 08:22:56 EST 2008

Paul Brooks wrote:
>      Request for Tender for the National E-Security Alert Service for
>      Home Users and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
> I wonder just how many Home Users and SMEs will have the requisite 
> background to effectively absorb, or even care to read, these advisories 
> no matter how plain the English is.
> With e-security threats originating globally, how is this going to be of 
> any more benefit than the alerts already popped up by 
> Nortons/F-Secure/pick-your-favourite.

a much more effective solution, for all desktops, would be to go with an open
source (at least you or someone independent of the vendor can read the source) 
thin client architecture

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