[LINK] Hearing tests for free by phone (o/t)

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Fri Feb 29 14:06:07 EST 2008

stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

>  Hi all,
>  The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) have developed what they
>  call, 'the most advanced telephone hearing test in the world'. People
>  can test for a hearing loss by calling 1800 826 500 and responding to
>  the prompts. It's toll-free and takes five minutes. (Use a fixed
>  phone at a quiet time)
>  Cheers people
 > Stephen Loosley
 > Victoria, Australia

You ring them up, leave your number and they call back. If you haven't
heard the phone ring after five minutes you know you are deaf.

Sorry, but it is Friday afternoon.


Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Sydney Australia
brd at iimetro.com.au

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