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> Virtual Corporations sound sensible, and, so does Virtual Government.
> Sans the enormous travel commitments, and a vibrant Web2 presence (both
> secure & public) supplied by the Commonwealth for every government-seat 
> in Aussie, V-G will make our Representatives more available to everyone.

Ahh .. virtual government .. & what's hard about secure web-conferencing?

Australia 2020 Summit - Final Report: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/81461

for Chpt 9, "The Future of Australian Governance"  WORD 522KB, PDF 370KB 

Chapter 9 mentions the Internet twice seriously, & then simply in passing:

•	The ‘circus’ of question time doesn’t give a positive view of 
parliament or promote confidence in the system. The community should be 
able to contribute questions to parliament. This could be achieved by 
greater use of technology such as the internet.

•	Government doesn’t seem to be using the internet. It could be 
such a powerful forum but is currently under-used in the government 

One certainly hopes that final quote isn't true for Australia in 2020 AD.

Cheers Pandora
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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