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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sun Jun 1 04:37:27 AEST 2008

Regarding open source design, Richard writes,

> being pedantic, there are two problems; the first is that you haven't 
> convinced me that "open source" is needed in this context; the second 
> is that in this context, you seem to be misusing the expression "open 
> source". So what exactly does "open source houses" mean? RC

Thanks for your thoughts, Richard .. methinks in future people will want
to live green; green houses, green transport, green appliances etc. I do.

Mass production of peak green designs would appear to suggest a creative 
commons philosophy, empowering all levels of manufacturing (etc) industry 
to value-add unique goodness to an open-source developed world peak design 

For example who knows, but many millions of lightish weight and mega-green 
flat pack houses of one world design (with minor local adaptions) would be
very soul-satisfying to live in, and also most welcome for disaster relief.

And a creative commons vehicle, designed the same way as FOSS software and
ultra green .. eg? a thin wheeled, solar-panneled, 3 cylinder 900cc diesel
urban cruiser initially .. whatever. But in the opposite direction to two+
tonne sports-4wd with inadequate ground-clearance to take off-road designs.

And green appliances? A five star energy efficient air conditioner is hard
to find in the shops. And expensive. With global warming, a lot of carbon 
will be wasted worldwide via one star (and falling) air-conditioners. Why 
not a thoroughly clean-green-5-star-inverter creative commons design unit?
Cheaply made, and of good quality, very green, and available everywhere :-)

The open source movement shows us that volunteers and the Internet can well
create good world design. Why stop at software?

Cheers Richard
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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