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Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Mon Jun 2 10:14:42 AEST 2008

Apparently the IP industry has no monopoly on conflation or confusion!

Craig Sanders wrote:

> ... this deliberate confusion is what enables Cadbury to think they can
> get away with claiming to own the colour purple

But they didn't claim this.  They are claiming a trademark on the colour 
in a very specific context, in an effort to stop others passing off 
their chocolate as being Cadbury's.  Your argumentation is pure straw man.

I don't take a position on the Cadbury trademark case, and I don't 
pretend that the patent system is perfect.  In particular I would agree 
that gene patenting is mostly an abomination.

But to disclaim the meaningfulness of intellectual property full stop, 
and then accuse others of stealing something that you say doesn't exist, 
is crazy.


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