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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 06:42 AM 15/06/2008, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> > Do not just delete the message.  As soon as a company has reached your
> > handset they have full access to send repeat messages, at a cost to the
> > handset holder, regardless of whether you open or delete.  YOU MUST TEXT
> > "STOP" (in capital letters) via reply.

This isn't new. The ringtone scams and TV ads for easy-win games [who 
is the Prime Minister of Australia - a. John Howard or b. Donald 
Duck] with the fast scrolling microsized print across the bottom of 
the screen are what I thin they are referring to. Oh, and the late 
night sex ads. They just didn't specify in the memo.

I think the problem is less the unsolicited contacts and more these 
scams that inadequately disclose what the caller is getting 
themselves in for. I reckon trade practices and the ACCC should get 
involved and not TIO. These ads could be promoted anywhere.

I've had a similar meme running in consulting panels that I've been 
on recently as well as in submissions: transparent consumer 
information. When a law changes that affects consumers and consent is 
UNinformed, I reckon any contract should be easily made null and void 
by the consumer at their choosing should things go wrong AND 
penalties applied to the business as well. That would put a stop to 
this non-transparent approach to business AND government, or at least 
slow it down. It would also involve individuals in understanding 
their own actions instead of sleep-walking through life.


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