[LINK] mobile phone spam

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sun Jun 15 10:16:36 AEST 2008

At 23:10 14/06/2008, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>If my reading of (a) the Australian situation (that you pay to send SMS
>not to receive them), (b) the regulations and (c) general scam
>literature suggests that the scam works like this:
>Scammer >> spam SMS to customer: "Reply for free ringtones! (etc)"*
>Customer >> hits reply, gets free ringtone*
>Scammer treats reply as "Yes I want to subscribe to your free
>ringtones*" (See our Web page for terms, conditions, and prices)
>Scammer sends premium SMSs to subscribers and charges.
>* Free ringtones aren't the only content. Just a handy example. "Prize
>draws" is another popular scam.

But the Ringtones ARE FREE!  You pay for the SMS message!!!! 

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