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>ACCC revokes eBay's plans to mandate PayPal
>The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has 
>a draft notice to eBay, revoking the proposal to mandate the use of 
>PayPal on eBay. eBay had required all sellers to offer PayPal as one 
>of its accepted payment methods by the 21st of May, 2008. By the 
>17th of June, 2008 it was planned that all transactions on eBay must 
>be paid for using PayPal or cash on pickup. The ACCC says there are 
>serious competition concerns and they are concerned about how eBay 
>is using its market power. eBay and interested parties are able to 
>lodge submissions before the ACCC decides whether to issue a final notice.
>Schools begin to benefit from computer roll-out
>As part of the first allocation from the National Secondary School 
>Computer Fund, 896 secondary schools 
>funding for 116,820 computers at a cost of $116 million. This first 
>allocation went to schools that had ratios of computers to students 
>of one to eight, or worse. The allocation is supposed to take their 
>ratios to one to two, that is, one computer for two students.  A 
>second round allocation is opening on the 14th July, 2008 with the 
>aim to take all schools to a ratio of one to two.  The Federal 
>Government is directly investing $650,000 in the professional 
>development of teachers, while the States and Territories are to 
>receive $11.25 million to assist with the professional development 
>of teachers on these new technologies.

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