[LINK] Microsoft Abandons Internet Explorer 8 Development for Firefox 3

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Microsoft Abandons Internet Explorer 8 Development for Firefox 3

    "Steve Ballmer announced early Monday that Microsoft would be
     halting development on Internet Explorer 8 and focusing the
     company’s efforts on Firefox 3.

     “I’m going to be downloading it myself, and I’ve told all
     our employees to download Firefox 3 on Tuesday and instructed
     our programming teams to start working on making the open
     source browser better rather than stumble around with Internet
     Explorer 8,” said Ballmer. “I mean, why bother?  Firefox 3 has
     the ‘AwesomeBar,’ you can’t seriously expect to compete with
     that, can you?”

     Ballmer said that Firefox 3.0 will be the standard browser
     included with Windows 7 installations along and will replace
     Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista SP2. “We’ve been looking
     for something to try to salvage Vista, and this could be it,”
     said Ballmer.


Finally Mickeysoft sees the light. This is great news for the open
source movement. With some reservations.

Won't Microsloth turn Firefox into a bloated insecure piece of
crap as they have done with so many other products?

Who will they compromise over at the Patents Office to gain
market superiority in the browser dept by yet again embracing
and skull-compromising FOSS?

And if you have read this far, do you realise and understand that
this is a satire?

If not, please visit http://somthingstrange.com and enter your
personal and credit card details.


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