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Alternative Energy
Intel, IBM Get Solar Exposure
Brian Caulfield, 06.16.08, 11:33 PM ET

Intel and International Business Machines have joined the parade of 
technology companies making alternative-energy plays, announcing Monday 
separate efforts to put their manufacturing smarts to work cranking out 
solar cells. 

IBM and Intel, however, are taking very different approaches, with Intel 
tapping into its long experience working with slabs of silicon and IBM 
pursuing a technology based on thin, flexible films developed at its 
research arm. 

Intel said Monday it will spin off a new venture, dubbed SpectraWatt, that 
will build a factory in Oregon in the second half of this year and begin 
sending solar modules to customers by the middle of next year. Intel will
lead a $50 million investment in SpectraWatt ..

IBM's approach is based on a process developed by IBM Research to crank 
out so-called thin-film solar cells based on copper, indium, gallium and 
selenide. Solar cells have long relied on silicon, the same material upon 
which companies such as IBM and Intel build computer chips. 

The idea behind thin-film solar cells, however, is to work with flexible 
films, slashing costs while creating solar cells that can be wrapped 
around walls or even incorporated into tinted windows. It's an idea being 
pursued by a clutch of start-ups, in addition to IBM ..


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