[LINK] Vista and Do Not Record broadcast flags

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Jun 19 18:30:03 AEST 2008

Reviving this dead thread for just a second...

Scott Howard wrote:
> Do we have any examples of the DNR flag in the USA, with the exception of
> this one occasion which has been confirmed as a error by the broadcaster?
> No.
> The US legislation regarding DNR was repelled several years ago.  No
> broadcaster will ever in their right mind broadcast it.
As it happens, the Infoworld article I posted a minute ago explains the 
status of the flag.

> Yes, I am aware that the FCC's mandate for the broadcast flag was 
> overturned by a Court of Appeals. This simply means it doesn't have 
> federal enforcement. The entertainment lobby still has the power to 
> impose its will on technology companies. Some companies proved more 
> eager to eat from entertainment's hand than others.

>   Scott.
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