[LINK] OOXML battle bus is back in action

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Mon Jun 23 20:11:11 AEST 2008

The mice roar; now other voices join in.

All this after Microsoft paid good money for certification and all ...


"*THE UK'S CHALLENGE* to Microsoft's bid to have its documents become an
official international standard is back on track.

Beardies at the UK Unix User Group (UKUUG) had tried to take the British
Standards Institution (BSI) to the High Court for backing a vote at the
International Standards Organisation that got Microsoft the official
certification it wanted for OOXML, its latest document standard.


Microsoft's ISO certification got suspended after official complaints
from Brazil, India, South Africa and Venezuela, while the EU has started
investigating whether there were any improprieties in the process that
gave Microsoft its gong.

The BSI has stood by its decision to back Microsoft's standard. But the
UKUUG's challenge, which consists of a request for a judicial enquiry,
asserts that the BSI may have breached its rules."

I wonder if there's scope for a similar challenge in Oz.

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