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Media Release, Today: Jun 24, 2008 

World's Technical Community and Industry Leaders announce the formation of
the Information Card Foundation to Simplify Secure On-line Digital Identity

June 24, 2008 – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, The
United Kingdom, The United States – An array of prominent names in the high
technology community today announced the formation of a non-profit
foundation, The Information Card Foundation, to advance a simpler, more
secure and more open digital identity on the Internet, increasing user
control over their personal information while enabling mutually
beneficial digital relationships between people and businesses.

Led by Equifax, Google, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and PayPal, plus nine
leaders in the technology community, the group established the Information
Card Foundation (ICF) to promote the rapid build-out and adoption of
Internet-enabled digital identities using Information Cards.

Information Cards take a familiar off-line consumer behavior – using a 
card to prove identity and provide information – and bring it to the 
online world. Information Cards ar a visual representation of a personal
digital identity which can be shared with online entities. Consumers are
able to manage the information in their cards, have multiple cards with
different levels of detail, and easily select the card they want to use
for any given interaction.

'The creation of the ICF is a welcome development,' said Jamie Lewis, CEO
and research chair of Burton Group. 'As a third party, the ICF can drive
the development of Information Card specifications that are independent of
vendor implementations.'

'The Information Card Foundation will support and guide industry efforts to
enable the development of an open, trusted and interoperable identity
layer for the Internet that maximizes control over personal information by

'Liberty Alliance salutes the open industry oversight of Information Card
interoperability that the formation of ICF signifies,' said Brett Dowell, 
executive director. 'Our shared goal is to deliver a ubiquitous, inter
operable, privacy-respecting federated identity layer as a means to
seamless, secure online transactions over network infrastructure.' 

As part of its affiliations with other organizations, The Information Card
Foundation has applied to be a working group of Identity Commons, a 
community-driven organization promoting the creation of an open identity
layer for the Internet while encouraging the development of healthy,
interoperable communities.  



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