[LINK] Proof of piracy not needed says MPAA

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Wed Jun 25 17:23:38 AEST 2008

At 04:54 PM 25/06/2008, David Boxall wrote:
>"An attorney for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has
>suggested that the organisation should not have to provide proof of
>piracy in future trials."
>..."the plaintiff should not have to provide evidence as it is often
>difficult to collect"...
>Speechless, I am.


MPAA attorney Marie L. van Uitert wrote in a filing in the case of 
Records versus Jammie Thomas (PDF) that the plaintiff should not have 
to provide evidence as it is often difficult to collect.

[ME: that attorney should lose her license as having a complete 
disregard for legal precepts. I think I'll accuse her of, oh, how 
about murder, and see how she responds. {sigh}]

Boing boing commnts are pretty good. Posted by Cory Doctorow. 

And I found one of those once in a million billion single google 
result thingies:
Marie L. van "Uitert's" +email
Pity it wasn't her email.


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