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Deakin University on cyber terror case
DEAKIN University researchers will develop software to deal with attacks
on government wireless networks by cyber terrorists and hackers.

Corangamite MP Darren Cheeseman yesterday said the university would dip
into the Federal Government's $5.9 million Research Support for Counter
Terrorism program.

The Deakin team will examine ways to keep ahead of potential terrorists
attacking the vulnerability of wireless networks.

They will focus on "recovery options" following an attack on networks, Mr
Cheeseman said.

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Uni spies on cyber terrorism
Deakin University has drawn a cone of silence over its role in a
top-secret project to fight terrorists in cyberspace.

The university has refused to reveal what it will do with a $5.9 million
Federal Government grant to work on anti-terrorism research and
development of information technology.

A Deakin spokesperson was tight-lipped on the project.

“There are confidentiality issues surrounding the work,” the spokesperson

“If it’s to do with counter-terrorism, you don’t really want to reveal
your secrets.”

Member for Corangamite Darren Cheeseman spilled the beans on the project
with a press release this week.

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