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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sun Nov 2 12:30:55 AEDT 2008

It seems we are not alone. George Orwell, where are you .......

What concerns me is the involvement of Cisco.
The Big Routers have the ability to have a complete Routing table
If Cisco are in fact supporting the Government initiative, then the next
step would be to put the route table into Authorised access only EEPROM.

Story Follows........ The Last Paragraph sounds chillingly familiar to
events in the Australian Senate within the last two weeks.



Washington, D.C., October 30, 2008: "Even as the Bush righwingers are
smelling defeat in the air, they are allying themselves with American
law enforcement agencies in an attempt to completely censor and control
the Internet usage and reception inside the United States.

 Many people are aware that the American media is controlled; that
negative news never get printed and governmental decrees are made
public, tarted up as news stories but the internet has proven a might
thorn in their side. Real material is on the internet and the fake
government planted stories are torn to pieces so the Attorney General
set up a special study group inside the Department of Justice to study
internet usage and determine how it could be controlled.

The not unexpected advent of an economic collapse, created by the Bush
people and now being dumped onto the American public, could well create
strong resistance to governmental policies. Now it should be noted that
the president is not the factor here.

The president is the figurehead and others run the government, others
who have their own agendas. The American public is the best and most
heavily armed public in history and there is a very real fear in U.S.
counter intelligence circles, to include the FBI and the DHS, that
severe economic hardships could very well trigger massive public

 I have a thick official study of military law procedures, upgraded to
the end of August, 2008, that covers this subject. While it is to prolix
to publish in toto, I can easily quote from sections of it and will
certainly do so in the near future. (Editor's note: This material will
be published in the Slaughterhouse Informer and not TBR News because of
its inflammatory nature)

 But back to censoring and controlling the internet: To be concise and
not lengthy, what is on the table is mandatory internet censoring in
America, the same as now being practiced in both China and Australia. A
direct quote from the preamble to the censorship bill reads: "we
specifically refer here to mandatory blocking, where possible, of
illegal or socially disruptive negative material."

And further we read, "We seek to emulate and duplicate the Chinese
system of internet control which blocks any site deemed by the
government to be subversive, inflammatory or a threat to public order."
Further mention is made of the cooperation between China and
American-based internet companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Google and
Yahoo in blocking domestic Chinese access to sited deemed "forbidden" by
the Chinese government. 

What is proposed is to develop an internet filter that will be used by
all servers and that no American internet user will be able to opt out
of the filter system. The justification for this total censorship is the
prevention of access to illegal hard core material and child pornography
and has the fullest support of American evangelical ministries.

There have been no objections from American internet giants who
recognize that the alternative, also spelled out in this interesting
fascist study, would be for the government itself to become the sole
internet provider. Such a threat has had a very chilling effect on any
aspects of speech freedom advocates in the industry.

There will be an initial propaganda program, published in the media,
about "serious problems with pornography and child abuse sites" and then
"concerned groups," supplied eagerly by the Christian right, will lobby
Congress for the passage of this proposed internet control bill. The
basic idea is that anyone daring to protest will be labeled a supporter
of child pornography.


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