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In 1997, when Telstra threatened to implement "B" party charging, I
drafted a letter and sent it out to all ISP's urging them to ask their
users to send the letter to their Federal member. I supplied a list of
all Fax numbers both for the Senators Canberra numbers and their
constituency located offices.
Unortunately many forgot to remove and replace the Tom Koltai at the
bottom of the letter. However over sixty thousand facsimiles were
received, the incident made into Hansard and was referred to by Alston
as the Koltai disinformation campaign; however "B" Party charging did
not go forward.

Affirmative action needs to be in the face of our elected

I think that a similar action might make our legislators understand that
we don't wish to be bulldozed.
Possibly your writers could write several versions of a petition letter
and I would suggest the signing with a suitable pseudonym. Distribution
should be via list-servers and facebook.

Does anyone have a current list of Senatorial Facsimile numbers ?


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I belong to several writer's groups and the point about the net 
filtering has struck a chord. They are asking what they should do 
now. They're concerned that arbitrary filtering of content will hit 
their bread and butter.
They have been advised about the EFA no-censorship list and the 
websites. I'm going to suggest they send their concerns also to their 
local writer's centres where there could be joint effort.

any other ideas?


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