[LINK] The writing community and the filtering move

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Mon Nov 3 09:20:07 AEDT 2008

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> I belong to several writer's groups and the point about the net 
> filtering has struck a chord. They are asking what they should do 
> now. They're concerned that arbitrary filtering of content will hit 
> their bread and butter.
> They have been advised about the EFA no-censorship list and the 
> websites. I'm going to suggest they send their concerns also to their 
> local writer's centres where there could be joint effort.
> any other ideas?


Perhaps you could elaborate on what they understood as the issues. It is this 
that will strike accord with the wider community and the decision makers, who 
are not always fully informed (ie do not really understand the decision they are 

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