[LINK] E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states

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Wed Nov 5 10:57:54 AEDT 2008

Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states
> Hanging Chad, make room for Folded Crease
> By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
> 4th November 2008 20:15 GMT
> The Register
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/04/election_day_evoting_glitches/
> USA '08 People in at least seven states - six of them considered 

Apparently 30 million people voted early (we call it pre-poll)! And they are
expecting 1million today. From TV footage, I did notice, they offer electronic
voting in several
languages and drive through.

Not sure how many voters there are in Oz, but with a population of under
20million, our exercise pales.

On the other hand when India goes to its national  polls, it is a mind boggling
season - electronic voting is used - the last election was in 2004.

# No. of ballot boxes used : 25,25,595
# Paper used for printing of ballot paper : 8000 Metric Ton

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