[LINK] and the web in the US election Re: Tanner eyes web 2.0 tools

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 18:24:16 AEDT 2008

We've discussed this before.  Entering a non-existant host name into  
the address bar of most browsers causes the browser to do some kind of  
search.  The classic is if you accidentally try and go to http:// 
http://something .... hmmm  Doesn't work for me at the moment because  
I'm using opendns (one of the downsides of opendns).  There is a way  
you can change the address bar search engine firefox uses.

On 2008/Nov/05, at 6:53 AM, Kim Davies wrote:

> Quoting Marghanita da Cruz on Wednesday November 05, 2008:
> |
> | >> Curiously the candidates have used .com not .org domains.
> | >
> | Actually I entered barackobama.org and google suggested .com
> Why would Google suggest anything unless you are entering the domain
> into a search engine rather than the address bar? It strikes me as
> curious to be typing domain names into Google at all.
> kim
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