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Faster broadband to boost learning

    * November 6, 2008

THE speed of the broadband piped into Victoria's 
1600 government schools will be more than doubled 
under a major information upgrade.

Broadband capacity will increase from four to 10 
megabits per second, with the works to be funded 
through the $89 million VicSmart program.

Premier John Brumby said the new technology would 
make a fundamental difference to the way children 
learn. "For our children right across the 
government school system it means that they are 
at the absolute forefront of the digital revolution," he said.

Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo said the 
upgrade, which will be completed by June, would 
enhance opportunities for students. "In my time 
it was all about the text, it was all about hard 
copy, and now we live in a real-time multimedia world," he said.

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike expressed 
confidence that the trouble-plagued $60 million 
Ultranet software system, designed to allow 
parents to check their child's progress online, 
would be delivered by 2010 as promised.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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