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Thu Nov 6 18:56:47 AEDT 2008

On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Darryl \(Dassa\) Lynch wrote:

> || to be possible. http://www.webalizer.com/
> With the Domino Web logs (nsf database) I've been pulling the data through
> Crystal Reports and massaging it to the way I want it.
> With some other logs I use an MS Access database and reports to get the
> output I want.  Othewise for general web stuff AWSTATS and similar are
> reasonable for broad range stuff.

I am recommending "Splunk" as a solution for our web farm and other 
system logs.  It is a slightly expensive product, but it is better
than me having to fix all the  jerry rigged stuff we have at the moment
and explaining how it all works.  Just give the bean counters 
a URL pointing to the log archive and they can blissfully stat away.


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