[LINK] security problems are not always Microsoft's fault

David Goldstein wavey_one at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 13:45:04 AEDT 2008

Oh Frank, it's amazing how you make up stories when you have no facts. Actually, I've never had anything to do with Microsoft, apart from using their products on my computers. One computer these days has XP, the other Vista. And your Vista box may hang after updates, but mine never has from recollection.

And no, my evidence doesn't just come from Microsoft. Sure, there were plenty of problems early on with Vista, but many of those have been ironed out.


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G'day Dave,

You work for Microsoft, right? You're a Microsoft Partner? You work for a Microsoft partner? You hold a passel of shares in Microsoft?

The reports you quote evidence reports from Microsoft (and only reports from Microsoft) to attest to what you are trying to get across ...

Ummm ... given your previous, I would say (rabidly) pro-Microsoft stance (on little numbers like Vista ... which even Chuck Ballmer is now disowning, IE and various other items from the Redmond product line) I've gotta question you credibility and bias here.

I'm doing so privately, because I don't want to embarrass you ... but I really would like an answer.


PS: You may know ... why is it that my Vista box hangs after it updates. Every time.

It says it is restarting, reboots, loses contact with the monitor and for some reason can't re-establish it and the only way to rectify it is by a hard re-boot. This has been the case for the entire 6-8 months I have had Vista on the box. Is this a 'feature'?

At 7:05 PM -0800 on 5/11/08 you wrote:
> Why am I not surprised amongst all the Microsoft bashing, some justified, some not, on Link that a report that shows security issues are not always Microsoft's fault gets no mentions?
> Anyway, Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report shows security for Windows "has significantly improved, while at the same time the threat of computer viruses, frauds and other online scourges has become much more serious," reports the New York Times. And security vulnerabilities have shifted to individual programmes.
> "In comparing Web browser vulnerabilities in Windows XP and Windows Vista in the first half of the year, the new report found that while Microsoft could be blamed for half of the top 10 vulnerabilities in Windows XP, the top 10 browser vulnerabilities under Vista all came from third-party add-on software from companies like Apple and RealNetworks."
> Some media reports are available from:
> http://nytimes.com/2008/11/03/technology/companies/03security.html
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/askjack/2008/nov/03/windows-security
> http://www.siliconrepublic.com/news/article/11725/cio/volume-of-cyber-security-threats-on-the-rise-warns-microsoft.
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