[LINK] XML isn't evil, just misunderstood

Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Mon Nov 10 23:38:47 AEDT 2008

On 09/11/2008, at 8:09 AM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> I wonder whether this is driven by a personal internal life-clock
> rather than that "the world is going too fast". Just like there are
> triggers which say "this leg is long enough now, time to stop
> growing", there's a point where the brain changes to say "you should
> stop changing and absorbing new things now, you have learned what your
> tribe needs", and it subsequently takes more "need" for you to "want"
> to learn something.

Approaching 68 I often wonder whether I can be bothered to figure out  
some new thing. Bugger!


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