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Fwd: Slattery's Watch - 10th November, 2008
>The ABC's Media Report last week 
>Great Firewall of Australia", discussing the proposed nationwide 
>filter on the internet. You can listen to or read the transcript 
>featuring Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Communications; Mark 
>Pesce, Honorary lecturer in Digital Cultures, University of Sydney; 
>Jane Roberts, President, Young Media Australia and Presenter, Antony Funnell.

>Administrators Guild of Australia has proposed modifications to the 
>Federal Government's Internet filtering plan. The three-step plan 
>includes encouraging 'family friendly' ISP services, educating 
>parents and more rigorous enforcement by providing more resources to 
>the Australian Communications & Media Authority and the Australian 
>Federal Police.

>  Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA), Hyro 
> Limited, IBM Australia and independent researchers Springboard 
> Research have released the first 
> <http://slattery.slatteryit.com.au/rp//118/process.clsp?t=2CF7DFF007EF5B77CF315DAD606FBAD92>AIMIA 
> Digital Services Index. Key findings reveal that digital services 
> represents 14.3% of overall corporate expenditure and that 
> corporations and government agencies expect 40% of customer 
> engagement to be driven by digital services in 2009.

and something else I noticed in the Oz Tuesday:
an alternative to the Telstra backhaul between Tassie and the 
mainland is either now or soon to be available.

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