[LINK] Rudd Government's internet filter to block up to 10, 000 'unwanted' sites

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Nov 13 17:57:28 AEDT 2008

rene wrote:

> One sometimes wonders. For example, have a look at this ACMA media release 
> of 1 Oct 2008
> http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/204876/pc=PC_311406
> People on this list who understand about 'domains' and domain registration 
> (including the need to pay to register same, generally by credit card or 
> cheque, not cash) may wonder, like me, why it appears that all that was 
> done was to have Melb IT "prevent the domain names in question from 
> directing to the offending sites".

Given the political mileage and poli-cred that ACMA writeups like
that are aiming for, one can assume that if a proper investigation
and subsequent prosecution has ensued, it would have been documented
with suitable flag-waving and more motherhood statements, similar to

"This excellent outcome underlies the invaluable role played by internet
hotlines such as ACMA’s in responding to illegal material online ..."

Excellent outcome? All that really happened was that a domain rego was
canceled. Hardly the right stuff, imho. Have the perpetrators moved
on to distribute their illegla materials through other channels and/or
other domains? You betcha.

There is also a possible incorrect implication that the site using
the Aussie domain name was Australian, i.e. "the sites were registered
in Australia". One doesn't register a site. One registers a domain.

> Too many journalists think Internet = Web.

And pollies. law enforcers, legislators and consumers.


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