[LINK] Rudd Government's internet filter to block up to 10, 000 'unwanted' sites

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Nov 13 18:49:38 AEDT 2008

rene wrote:

> Of course, the above reports are also why some advocates of Labor's 
> filtering plan claim that such sites are already being blocked, and 
> therefore there's 'obviously' no technical etc problem extending existing 
> blocking systems to more material.

George Orwell would be proud. This is newspeak at its best.

Why have different words for "expunge" and "filter" when
"block" will do?

Extending the ACMA's reported solution of expunging a domain to
one of preventing access to unwanted material is a non sequitur.
It is impossible to extend one to accomplish the other.

Those who think the current activities of the ACMA can somehow
be extended to produce a complete automated blocking system are
woefully uninformed and require some basic education, both in
English semantics and computer tech.

AFAIK, the ACMA only issues take-down notices. They "block" nothing
in the sense of filtering network feeds.


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