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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Sun Nov 16 11:13:44 AEDT 2008

At 10:57 AM 16/11/2008, Stilgherrian wrote:
> > short text message updates on Twitter last night that his new page on
> > the social networking site crashed.
>Um, nope. I debunked this in Crikey on Friday 
>   with a non-paywalled version just posted at http://is.gd/7G8V

It would be really nice if the Australian media all checked with each 
other and updated their stories like Huffpost does! LOL

 From your story, Stil, it seems there was a crash but for different 
reasons already known to Twitter. So the issue is the journo in the 
Age got the technical aspect wrong, right?

I'm off to a book sale.

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