[LINK] https://www.google.com.au certificate is not validating - anyone know why?

Scott Howard scott at doc.net.au
Wed Nov 19 13:50:34 AEDT 2008

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 6:41 PM, Rick Welykochy <rick at praxis.com.au> wrote:

> > Ah, silly me. It is because www.google.com.au presents
> > www.google.com's certificate.
> Technically each of google.ca, google.co.uk, google.ru etc
> should have its own cert.

Only if they are SSL sites, which they are not - all Google SSL stuff runs
on .google.com

This is one of the side effects of running multiple sites on the one IP
address - if someone incorrectly goes to the HTTPS version of one of the
non-SSL sites you get this behavior.

Google never expects anyone to go to https://www.google.com.au or
https://google.ca, and never redirects you to anything under those sites.

Many sites have this same problem - https://westpac.com.au,
https://nab.com.au https://ebay.com and https://bankofamerica.com to name a


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