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[What is Exetel doing bad-mouthing iiNet? Sour grapes perhaps?]

Film studios to become 'police, judge, executioner'
Asher Moses
November 24, 2008 - 3:36PM

Internet users would have their connections terminated summarily on 
the whim of the film and TV industry should it win its landmark legal 
battle against iiNet, legal experts have warned.

Seven of the world's biggest film studios and the Seven Network last 
week filed suit against iiNet, Australia's third largest ISP, in the 
Federal Court.

They claim iiNet authorised copyright infringement by failing to 
prevent its users from downloading pirated movies and TV shows.

iiNet, and the industry body, the Internet Industry Association, say 
ISPs should not be required to take action against any customers 
until they have been found guilty of an offence by the courts.

ISPs argue that, like Australia Post with letters, they are just 
providing a service and should not be forced to become copyright police.

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