[LINK] CBA system glitch deducts from customer accounts. (Was Gershon recommendations adopted)

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Now there's a coincidence.

And talking about lessons learned. Mainframes were, and still are, 
excellent environments for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems. 
When new, modern, fast-to-develop systems based upon web and other 
technologies get implemented but in environments that do not have 
support for transactions and by people who have never heard of OLTP as a 
technology, then problems can, and do, arise.


CBA system glitch deducts from customer accounts
Patrick Horan
November 25, 2008
The Australian IT

A COMMONWEALTH Bank customer has told of his shock after $17,000 
disappeared from his account due to a widespread computer bungle.

The bank has apologised after transactions were duplicated in anything 
up to 200,000 accounts following bill payments and withdrawals over the 
weekend and especially yesterday.

Frank told 3AW radio that he runs an internet business and got a shock 
when he checked his online accounts as usual this morning.

"I had to take a double take," he said. "From around 17 grand it was 
about $200 overdrawn."

"I was thinking, my account's been hijacked."

Frank said he contacted his wife, who works for Commonwealth, who 
assured him the problem wasn't exclusive to him and that many accounts 
had been affected.

"I do have bills to pay so I've just got to sit tight and wait for it to 
come back," he said.

A bank spokesman said the problem had been identified and he hoped all 
accounts could be rectified by close of business today.

Howevere he asked customers to be patient as the process may stretch 
into the night.

Some accounts were also credited with more money than they should have 
been when transactions were accidentally duplicated.

It is thought that internet banking customers have been most affected, 
although there have been reports of phone and ATM transactions being 

One angry customer told us they had been left with no money after the 
bank bungle.

"I transferred $500 yesterday and CBA has now deducted $1000 from my 
account leaving me with no money today," said Renae.

"I'm glad they wont be charging me interest. I should be charging them 
interest on the additional $500 they have taken."

A statement from the bank apologised to customers affected by the 
processing error and said those in immediate need of cash should visit 
one of their branches.

It also insisted no fees or interest would be charged to customers as a 
result of the problem.

Commonwealth spokesman Bryan Fitzgerald has admitted they have "no idea" 
how many customers have been affected, but that everything possible was 
being done to rectify the situation.

"We’re trying to get to the bottom of this as quickly as we can," Mr 
Fitzgerald told 3AW radio.

"Our customers are our main priority and we apologise to them for this 

Mr Fitzgerald advised customers who performed a transaction online or at 
an ATM yesterday to check their accounts.


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