[LINK] More about iiNet suit - legal opinion on their side it seems

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At 12:08 PM 26/11/2008, Eric Scheid wrote:
>If someone were to go put on a public performance of some work (which they
>have hold copyright in) within physical proximity of the offices of the ACC
>... would they be able to claim that the *echoes* created by the ACC
>building count as "infringing copies"?

On this issue of copyright, how is it that bands and singers can 
'cover' someone else's work with no need for permission? I heard that 
on a Human Nature interview when the question was raised about how 
they were able to do someone else's song. Then they sang Happy 
Birthday to the interviewer's dog [no joke], which has been known to 
be held as copyright work and denials of performance.

I worked in music performance in the US and had to license packages 
for musical performances in the high school. Granted, we couldn't 
make photocopies of the printed material.

Anyway, what is the deal that a performance group can perform a song 
and no one claims copyright then?


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