[LINK] Dealing with modifications to the holy sudoers file

grove at zeta.org.au grove at zeta.org.au
Wed Nov 26 16:15:17 AEDT 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, Jon Seymour wrote:

> How do other people deal with such neanderthals?

I use Sun N1SPS.   It does deployment and so on via an "agent" which is 
installed on the target hosts and managed through that.   It requires 
Java to be installed, plus the N1 agent.   The files to be deployed
can be a file, sun package, directory, tarball, script or whatever. 
These are called components.   Then there are plans, which is a 
kind of XML script that allows you to control release of the component
and execute as root commands on the target host to do something - anything.

In any case given such a large site, you need some method like that,
which is the mode I have been pushing.  It does not stop you being 
a real UNIX admin, just gives a nice controlled config/package/release
environment with exception change management.

As for what to do with the neanderthals, I guess of they do not like 
sudo, they are past it.   It took a lot to get acceptance of sudo 
here, but we could not live without it.   N1SPS might give you 
a good platform for a large site though, where you need to deal 
with config management, templated config files, packages etc. 
With a couple of mouse clicks (and a lot of pre work scripting and 
testing) I can push a complete web server stack onto host, configure 
it and have it serving content in about 10 minutes.   I love it...


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